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The Itria Valley and the Coastal Towns

With its still expanses of olive trees as far as the eye can see, the Itria Valley is red soil, green groves and vineyards, and white trullo houses under a serene blue sky – essentially, a marvelous chromatic effect that repeats itself several times over.

In the Itria Valley’s heart is the Capital of the fairytale Trulli Houses: the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Alberobello. Yet the trulli sightings don’t stop at Alberobello. These structures dot the entire Itria Valley, from Cisternino, struck on a section of the Murge Plateau to the nearby Locorotondo, one of The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy. The largest and most famous of the hilltop towns in the Valle d’Itria, Ostuni is known as the White City and is a fortified town with imposing white ramparts and a colourful past. The historical centre dates back to the 11th century, and is a labyrinth of winding cobbled streets more reminiscent of Greece, than of typical Italian piazzas. Nowadays these charming streets are dotted with tiny shops and cafes offering the diverse wares of local artisans and other mouth-watering specialities.

Sitting on Puglia's Adriatic coast around 30km south of Bari, Monopoli is a lovely town. Like so many towns on the Adriatic, Monopoli's history has been thoroughly influenced by its east-facing position and its fortified sea-front walls and castle tell many a story. Passing under an archway outside the castle, you will arrive in the port, comprised by a series of little harbours. Wandering half way round the first one, busy with fishermen mending their nets or unloading the day's catch.


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