Private dining in the monumental olive grove

A magical dining experience in a unique setting

  • Central Puglia
  • Central Puglia

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Private dining in the monumental olive grove
Puglia is estimated to have 60 million olive trees, some as old as 2,000 years, all of which are protected by law. With this enormous number of trees Puglia produces more olive oil than anywhere else in Europe. Extra virgin olive oil is the basis of the now UNESCO protected Mediterranean diet along with fish, grains and vegetables and the cuisine in Puglia provides a perfect example of this healthy way of eating and living. There is no place better to experience the olives and olive oils than in one of Puglia’s ancient estates. For a truly unforgettable experience visit one of these lovely estates. Enjoy a visit and tasting, and then a delightful picnic in the olive grove


  • Monumental olive trees, thousands of years old are the setting for your meal
  • The freshest and most delicious Pugliese cuisine prepared just for you
  • Unforgettable!


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