Trekking Porto Badisco with optional kayak & snorkelling

Explore the beauty of the South East coast of Puglia, on foot and by kayak

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Trip Overview

Trekking Porto Badisco with optional kayak & snorkelling
This easy trekking will let you discover Porto Badisco, through a pleasant walk along ancient paths, immersed in wonderful scenery. Our guide will share with you a story of ancient history and modern lifestyle. With his knowledge and very strong passion, your active guide will tell you amazing stories of a bygone era and will make you literally walk through history - from the Mesozoic period to the present day - on the path that was once part of the tropical coral reef of the African promontory “Apula”. You will learn about the living conditions of the first inhabitants, admire inscriptions and graffiti into the caves and also pick up fossils, the clear evidence of a lost world!
Completely surrounded by unspoiled nature and the lush, colorful, fragrant Mediterranean vegetation, you will discover the very rare plants growing on this cliff edge, enjoy stunning views and also feel a sense of freedom. It will be a good way to leave the stress behind, get out of the city’s hustle bustle, get away from the everyday routine, experience a feeling of accomplishment and enjoy a little escape to find beauty and peace in the natural paradise of Puglia!


  • Expert local hiking & kayak Guide
  • Beautiful trek along the Coast near Otranto
  • Optional kayaking in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic
  • Aperitif of Local Products


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