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How to immerse yourself in Italy’s leading culinary scene

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How to immerse yourself in Italy’s leading culinary scene

Cuisine is an intrinsic part of the Puglia experience. There is an openness and rustic charm in Puglia that is reflected not only the personality of the locals, but also in the sharing of food. A Pugliese “nonna” or grandma has thousands of years of recipes running through her soul and loves nothing more than to demonstrate her rich tradition and generosity than by preparing these culinary treasures for us. Local dishes are simple yet thoroughly flavorful. Pugliese pastas (home of the orecchiette) and breads are handcrafted from locally grown durum wheat. Sauces feature an abundance of fresh vegetables like eggplant, fava beans and broccoli rabe. Fresh fish is caught daily by local fishermen and sold right on the docks and in small fish shops. Burrata cheese is one of the region’s most famous products. Our trees drip with cherries, figs, almonds and of course, olives. Meat lovers should not fear though, cured and grilled meats also make a regular appearance on the Puglian plate. 

Pugliese wine makers have progressed enormously in recent years and are achieving some well-deserved recognition. Puglia has always been a region producing a high number of grapes but until recently these were used as filler for blends produced in regions to the north. In the last 15 years wine makers in Puglia have been producing their own high quality wines with dazzling results.

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